Pricing Your Home Right

Determine your home’s worth and find out how much you should be selling it for. Learn more about the prevailing market trends and real estate prices to determine an accurate value for your home.  

Setting the right list price for your house is a crucial part of your marketing plan. If you price it too high, you will turn away potential buyers. On the other hand, if you set the house price too low, you will lose out on potential profit.

Many factors go into determining the asking pricing of a house, so make sure that you do your research before deciding on a final number! This means researching recently sold comparable homes in your area and using those numbers as a starting point. You also need to evaluate how competitive your house will be on the market, based on location and features. Finally, keep up-to-date with marketplace trends so that when an opportunity arises, you are ready – this could be anything from changing demographics to new zoning restrictions down the street!

The Acevedo Team takes great care in pricing each house to ensure our clients meet their goals. Make sure to discuss any terms and conditions with your agent that can make your house more attractive to potential buyers. A home warranty is a great way to add value! A home warranty is inexpensive and provides protection in case any appliance or covered item fails after closing.


Other Factors to Consider:

Pro Tip:

A formal written appraisal is the most reliable and professional way to determine a home’s worth. It can be helpful if your property has been appraised before or if there hasn’t been any activity in your area recently. If co-owners disagree about price, an unbiased third party may be able to help you find consensus!