Negotiate Your Way to Successful Deal

What is a real estate negotiation? It’s the process of using certain skills and techniques to arrive at a win-win deal between the buyer and seller. The Acevedo Team will be there to make sure you remain focused, objective and don’t give in to your emotions.

  • Start the negotiation with a well-researched, fair price.
  • Consider the other side’s priorities. For example, a buyer who needs to move in soon might be willing to pay more upfront or give in on repairs. Or they may prefer to push out the closing date so that there will no unexpected expenses pop up down the line.
  • Always be prepared to make compromises. A ‘win-win’ deal does not mean that both the buyer and seller get everything they want; rather it means each side will win some and give some.

Pro Tip:

Take the time to understand a typical real estate purchase and sale contract before the negotiation.