Buying a Home: What to Look For

Choosing a home can be an overwhelming process. With so many choices, it’s hard to know where to start and how to narrow down the search. After all, you want your new home to feel like “home” right away! This section includes a prioritized list of features to help you narrow down your search for the perfect home.

Your Family Needs

Think about your unique requirements. If you just recently got married, then you may want to explore the local school district. If you have elderly parents, you will want to ensure that your new home accommodates their specific needs.


The location of a home drastically affects its price, so this is where we’ll start. Do you want to be close to work? Near public transportation? Near good schools? In a rural area with lots of outdoor space? Live near friends or family without feeling like they’re intruding into your space? Also, are facilities such as hospitals, police stations, fire protection, and garbage collection available nearby?

All these factors come into play when considering what neighborhood would best suit your needs.


How many bedrooms do you need? Would four suffice, or do you need six or eight for guests and children’s rooms? Factors such as the home layout and floor plan also affect the number of rooms you’ll need. Make sure the home you are considering meets your family size requirements, both the present and near future also.

Neighborhood Safety

Is the home in a good neighborhood? Does it have streetlights and sidewalks that make you feel safe walking home at night?


This is an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. The home you purchase should be within your budget and should make sense for your home buying timeline.

An experienced real estate agent can help you find the perfect home for your needs while bringing value to the entire process. They will handle all the paperwork, negotiate deals on your behalf, and help you avoid any unnecessary pitfalls along the way.

Our agents at The Acevedo Team are well versed in all aspects of buying and selling homes, from handling the paperwork and negotiations to understanding how market prices shift over time.

Pro Tip:

Don’t forget to consider the home style that best fits your needs. Do you require a detached single-family home or a townhouse, a condominium or a co-op? Do you mind if it is old, or should it be brand new? Also, do you want stone, stucco, wood, brick, or vinyl siding?