Hi, we are Sandra and Ricardo! It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you. Are you wondering how we got into real estate? Well, it all started back in 2001 when we were engaged, looking for our first new home together. As a young couple with little money and no experience in real estate, we had many questions about the home buying process. However, we couldn’t find any good realtors to help us out. At this time, we realized how hard it is for many families to find their new homes and how much help they needed from someone who understood what they were looking for. So, we decided to do something about it – we got licensed and opened up our own real estate agency!

The Acevedo Team – Helping to Make the American Dream Come True

Soon, we both developed a love for real estate and realized this is what we always wanted to do. The idea of helping people understand the complexities of the real estate process and getting them through the hardest transactions motivated us to keep going forward. We are passionate about turning the American homeownership dream into a reality for all those striving but not able to reach the goal.

Our team offers unparalleled customer service and can provide you with the most up-to-date real estate market information available anywhere. We take pride in our work and our team’s effort, and it shows with the results we have achieved over time.

12 Years and Going Strong!

The Acevedo Team has been in the market for over 12 years, earning an impressive cumulative sales history of 3,000+ sales. We have been among the top 5 teams in The Century 21 franchise for the last 10 years. In addition to this, we’ve received multiple awards for our real estate work.

We’re All About Family

One of our favorite things – apart from real estate – is spending our free time with our family. We have ten children who are always up to something, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our family is also what inspires us to come up with new ideas for real estate properties all over town.

Together, we would love nothing more than to find you your perfect home!


3000+ Closed Sales

5 Star Rated Team

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