6 Ways To Help Find Your Dream Neighborhood

6 Ways To Help Find Your Dream Neighborhood

Let’s get right to the point: when hunting for a home, location & neighbors matter a lot! No one likes to be stuck someplace when the neighbors turn sour.

These bits of advice by The Acevedo Team will come in handy if you already have an estate in mind in the neighborhood you are planning to move into.

Scout the Neighborhood for Walkability

While you can use an online walkability tool to find out Walk Scores in your desired neighborhood, it’s better to experience it in the flesh. Walkability measures your intended estate’s proximity to the recreational spots, the mall, shops, stores, and clinics. It also gives you a general idea of the neighborhood, the walk paths, bus stops, bike paths, and alleyways. Neighborhood density is also a great metric provided by The Acevedo Team to help you with avoiding claustrophobic neighborhoods.

Take a Walk & Experience the Neighborhood

Take a walk! Dress modestly for the occasion and take your time looking at the streetscape elements, the curb appeal, the greenery, the friendliness of the neighbors, the dumpsters, and the recreational spots. You can then give your spouse a first-hand account of what you are in for if you move in.

Strike Up a Conversation with the Residents

We would recommend this step even for people who are not much into socializing because knowing thy neighbors is critical to a prime estate piece. You can ask about noise levels, community events, neighborhood diversity, or you can check their public Facebook group if they happen to have one. Generally, how the inhabitants respond to you is a sure sign of whether you should move in or reconsider.

Test Drive Your Daily Commute

Whether you drive a car or use public transport, test how long it takes to reach there using both mediums. If you like to grab a bite on your way to the office, you can add these to your route and pick a commute accordingly.

Check the Property Trends

It won’t matter much if you are renting, but if you purchase a home, there is the resale value to consider. Choose a neighborhood with a consistent value trend. If the property taxes are high, it’s a sure sign the neighborhood’s schools & municipal communal spaces are well funded. If you are estate investing for the long term, then such a place is perfect for moving into.

Be Concerned About the Crime Rates

Affluent neighborhoods are the dream, but they can also hold hidden surprises. Maybe you’re getting a cheap deal because someone got murdered there, or some questionable inhabitants occupied the premises. Estate agents aren’t allowed to disclose such details, so you’re on your own. Look up everything you can find on burglaries, shoot-outs, or just check up the sex-offenders registry.

We already know you are considering hiring the services of The Acevedo Team because we speak the language that all aspiring homeowners feel right in their gut. Want to move into a perfect home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA? Well, it’s got lovely, family-oriented neighborhoods, so you have that right up your alley.

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