5 Home Investments That Don’t Add Value On Returns

5 Home Investments That Don’t Add Value On Returns

It’s not always easy to know what home renovations will give a positive return on investment. Most people invest in their homes to add value, but some investments don’t produce the desired results. An experienced real estate company like The Acevedo Team in Fontana, CA can guide you regarding which renovations can add more value to your property.

This blog post will cover five common renovation projects that homeowners undertake without realizing that they don’t add any value on returns.

1) A Home Office 

There’s no doubt that a home office is nice to have. It can be helpful when you’re working from home, and it may add value on returns in the long run too. However, it might not fetch you the deal you expect when you decide to sell your property. People have personal choices and aspirations when designing an office. Your style and preference might not sit well with a potential buyer who prefers a different style.

2) Overly Fancy Spaces

Minimalistic home remodeling is the trend today, and most homeowners like to stick with the trend. They design their homes in an aesthetically pleasing way, keeping functionality at the core. Going overboard on making spaces too fancy or luxurious won’t add value when you sell your property. Gone are the days when over-the-top designs and expensive fixtures would fetch you more money.

3) Focusing Only on Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

While kitchen and bathroom remodeling may fetch you a decent return, there are other areas of your home that may offer more significant returns. For example, attic insulation or a new garage door are some investments that can provide a much higher return than some minor bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Wiring and plumbing are often ignored as home investments that add value to returns. Still, it’s essential to consider these two areas because they’re also crucial for your home’s functionality. While you may not notice their absence until something goes wrong, updating them will increase the overall price of your property and create an immediate impact when you sell it.

4) A Swimming Pool 

The cost of installing a swimming pool is significantly greater than the return the investment delivers when you sell your property.

While a swimming pool does add comfort and luxury to your home, it does not yield the same returns as a kitchen renovation or an extra bedroom.

If you have the budget to add a pool to your home, do it because of how much happiness and fun it brings! However, understand that you’re not adding extensive value to returns with this investment.

5) Poor Construction

If you invest in anything that is poorly constructed, you are not gaining any value back. A poorly built home addition can take the shine off your entire property and leave you in a pickle as you spend your savings on an investment that won’t count for much when you plan to sell the house.

Consider talking to home selling experts in Fontana, CA before investing in any property upgrades. The Acevedo Team are real estate agents who’re well-versed with market demands and expectations. As market leaders, we use our experience to help homeowners buy and sell real estate quickly, stress-free, and straightforwardly. Schedule a free consultation with our team now!